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Bar Handles

Modern or traditional, bar handles are still one of our best sellers, available in many finishes and sizes to fit most kitchens.

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Bow Handles

Handles that flow from the cabinet fronts, Bow handles will create a sense of drama in your new kitchen.

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D Handles

D Handles are available in lots of modern and traditional designs and sizes to suit many kitchen styles and colours.

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Cup Handles

Cup handles are still one of our most popular handle types, we have lots of styles and colours to choose from.

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Profiles Handles

Discrete handles allow for a simple and clean look for your new modern kitchen design.

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Handle Accessories

Screws, Jigs and guides to help you fit handles

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Modern and traditional knobs in a choice of colours and sizes are suitable for modern and traditional kitchens alike.

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True Handleless Fittings

A range of profiles to suit our true handleless kitchens, all available in 7 colours

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