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Oeko Waste Recycling Bin

Oeko Waste Recycling Bin

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Designed to be withdrawn from the cabinet whilst the lid remains inside. For side wall and base mounting to cabinets, by means of a side fixing bracket and base mounting weight bearing pivot. Swing out waste bin system pivot mounted to side and base with one, two, three or four bins for waste segregation. Lid lifts and bins swing out when the door is opened, the lid is automatically replaced on the bins when the door is closed. Bins have been designed with cleanliness and hygiene as prime importance. Bins are made of high-grade plastic with extra smooth sides making them easier to clean. Easy removal of entire system for cleaning inside the cabinet if required. No additional strain on the door front.

Application: For hinged door cabinets

Version: Side mounting, base mounting, unhanded

Type of pull out: Manual

Installation depth: 460 mm

Installation height: 525 mm

For cabinet width Min: 500 mm

Material: Silver epoxy coated steel wire frame housing and light grey plastic mounting components and lid included. Light grey plastic bins with coloured handles

Installation: For screw fixing
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