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Free Planning Guide


"would definitely recommend Better Kitchens especially if you are looking to design your own rather than an off the shelf design...."

- Clare Michelmore (Trustpilot review)

Download your FREE Guide

Our FREE planning guide will help to measure your room size ready us to plan your new kitchen.

Please include as much info as possible as this makes the whole process easier for everyone.

How to complete the guide

  • Measure all dimensions in millimetres (mm).

  • Include the heights as well the the widths of any items that may interfere with the planning process.
  • Firstly, draw all walls and their sizes.

  • Next, draw the doors and windows Show any obstacles on your plan such as radiators, boilers, gas or electric meters.

  • Show any boxed-in pipes, etc.

  • Show the positions of any switches and sockets.

  • Remember, the more measurements you give, the better - the example shows a plan view of a room, highlighting the dimensions and positions of important features.

Upload your completed guide

When you've filled in your guide and answered all of the questions you can scan or take a photo of your completed guide and upload it to our system.

We'll keep you updated when your new 3D plan are ready and you can log in to your account and leave comments for us in your own time.


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