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Ultimate Kitchen Planning

The ultimate kitchen planning ideas for families

The ultimate kitchen planning ideas for families

Planning a family kitchen isn’t easy. There are particular things that you need to think about, and particular things that will be needed. However, much like most things in life, if there is something in particular that you are looking for, the best thing that you can do is plan for it.

So, with this in mind, we have put together some of the best ideas for kitchen planning for families. Looking at the things that you are going to need to have, or that might be a good idea to include in your early designs.

Top quality work surfaces

One of the things that gets the most use in a family kitchen are the work surfaces. This means that it is important to invest in quality when it comes to these. Not only will you want something that is tough, but also something that looks nice too, after all, you still want to make sure that your kitchen looks gorgeous.

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Easy to clean walls

Cooking and eating can be a messy business, particularly if you have kids around. This means that is a good idea to have easy to clean walls in your kitchen. Around the areas where you will be preparing food it is a good idea to have tiles as they are the easiest to clean, but there are also paints that you can buy which can be wiped clean if there are any spills.

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Somewhere to sit

Do you find that the best place to solve any drama or talk things through is the kitchen? If so, then it is a good idea to have some kind of social area that everyone can come together in. An open plan kitchen and dining room is the best for this, and this is often the choice that many families will go for. Failing that, a breakfast bar or even just a comfy chair in the corner of the room will work too.

Child safe

If you are going to have your little ones running in and out of the kitchen then it needs to be relatively kid proof. There are a number of ways that you can secure doors and drawers to make sure that little hands can’t get in there. You can also opt for softer corners and edges on your worktops or even install a handleless design, both of which will reduce the risk of any bumped heads.

Whether you are kitchen planning for a family, or for someone who lives alone, it is vital that even the smallest touches are thought of. A kitchen is a personal space and it is one that is important to get right. Else you could be left with a room that you don’t like or that isn’t fit for what you need.