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Kitchen Units

How to make sure that you have the most storage possible

Kitchen Units

how to make sure that you have the most storage possible

When it comes to planning your kitchen, chances are that you are going to want to make the most of the space that you have, and you are going to need plenty of storage too. This can be a hard combination to get right.

Here at Better Kitchens, we like to think of ourselves as kitchen experts, so with this in mind we have put together some of the best ideas for making sure that your kitchen units make for the most storage possible. 

Divide up your drawers

Drawers are incredibly useful in a kitchen, but they can soon get messy. A great way to make the most of the space that you have in your drawers, and keep them nice and tidy is to divide them up. You can create partitions for different utensils etc, which will have everything neat and make sure that you can use every inch of the drawer too.

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Think about the big and small

When it comes to kitchens, it can be easy to only think about the bigger items that you are going to need to have in there. The thing to remember is that you also need to plan in for the smaller things too. This means that you won’t be left with a kettle, toaster or microwave without a home, whilst everything else is neatly put away. 

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Don’t forget the pots and pans

One of the most useful, yet most irritating additions to any kitchen has to be the pots and pans. This ever useful items are hard to store and can get messy really easily. It is a good idea to think about where you are going to store your pots and pans, perhaps you might be able to hang them from a wall or have their own dedicated shelf. Anywhere that keeps them out of the way but still easy to grab. 

Plan in some vertical storage in your kitchen units

Storage is a wonderful thing when you get it right. The trouble is that most people seem to forget that storage can be relatively versatile. You can hide it away in a variety of kitchen units. A great idea is to have a kitchen unit that features vertical storage, ideal for tins, bottles and other pantry items, this keeps them all neat and tidy but doesn’t fill up your kitchen unit and make things hard to see or reach. 

Have a cleaning kitchen unit

Cleaning products are part and parcel of any kitchen space, but they can take up room. A good idea is to have a designed kitchen unit for cleaning. It will need to be tall in order to hold the broom and mop etc, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be that deep. 

Kitchen units and storage go hand in hand, so why not think about clever ways that you can utilise the space when planning out your new kitchen?